Gallery Mondays 2018 in York

2018 We are now running a meet once a month at York Art Gallery – third Monday of every month 1 to 4pm.

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Learning new skills and taking part in creative activity is proven to be relaxing and therapeutic for those with illnesses and disabilities. Regular drop-in provision can help combat isolation, which often leads to mental health decline. We had many requests for such provision that is free and has no eligibility criteria or requirement to regularly attend.

The sessions are open to anyone who feels that they would benefit from a supportive creative group. We encourage voluntary and statutory mental health recovery agencies and housing services to advertise the group to their clients. Support workers were welcome as necessary. 

We explore different art and craft techniques and processes including mixed media, drawing, painting, collage and printmaking – we’re keen for the programme to be shaped by the group. 

Here’s what some of our participants had to say about Magnetic Mondays:

  • ‘I’ve got more confidence in my artistic ability’
  • ‘This has given me motivation to leave my home’
  • ‘It was something to look forward to over lonely weekends’
  • ‘An opportunity to socialise with others’
  • ‘There was not pressurising at all’
  • ‘It has taught me new skills’
  • ‘An opportunity to be creative with encouragement from others’
  • ‘A time to meet people and feel less alone’

The key outcomes for people who have taken part in Magnetic Mondays include:

Increased motivation and hope – Participants are in a small supported group facing many barriers to well-being in common, they are being helped by staff and fellow participants to find things they are interested in and inspired by and to work through exciting creative activities. Taking part in the group provides a positive focus outside of themselves and therefore a welcome shift away from personal worries and debilitating conditions.

Greater confidence and self-esteem –  There are no wrong answers within arts and craft activity, everyone will find they can achieve something and will not be judged. Achieving learning new skills and feeling increasing confidence in their own creative and technical abilities in the chosen art-forms leads to increased self esteem as does discussing and showing artwork to others.

New connections and friendships –  We have seen how when people make connections with each other and share their challenges they feel more able to cope and less isolated struggling with health conditions. Often these supportive friendships then extend further than the art group and are sustained.

This is a safe, supportive and friendly group run by experienced artists who specialise in working with vulnerable participants. It’s also a great opportunity for student and volunteer placements .