What People Say


‘I find being part of a group doing creative activities is really beneficial to my mental health recovery.’
‘Coming to this group gives me ideas and motivation to carry on with creative activities in between sessions at home.’
‘The Magnetic Arts course has made me feel I am of value and have the gift of creativity and that one day I could give something of value to society.’
‘Learning in this group helped my confidence grow. We all listened to each other, valuing what each had to say and give to the course.’
‘Doing this course has given me the realisation that I can work with others and therefore made the prospect of starting a course at college less intimidating.’
‘This project gave me a purpose in life. I was going through a very difficult December. Without this project I don’t know where I would be now.’
‘It made me feel much more relaxed.’
‘I had a lot of fun, made new friendships and was inspired to be creative at home.’
‘I felt less isolated and gained enthusiasm.’
‘This project has got me out of the house and got my head straight. Art has helped me forget about my other worries.’
‘The Course came at the perfect time for me. With feelings of isolation, overwhelming endless dark days dealing with S.A.D, depression and anxiety, I was looking for a project to get me out of the house and away from the negative thoughts/feelings.’
‘It is very important to feel safe, to be in a non-judgemental environment. The sessions are therapeutic, fun, educational and inspiring. This is also a time to socialise with other people coping with similar problems but in a positive way.’
‘The art group has been a life saver for me, I have learnt more in six weeks here than I have in my entire life. The help and encouragement is non-stop. It’s a relaxing group and we are not treated like people with mental health problems.’